Rituals of Gratitude: Feeling Thankful in Bali

This time of year our thoughts turn to things to be grateful for and for ways to express it. We have Thanksgiving or what I like to call Gratitude Day where we have a chance to gather and appreciate the friends, family and the blessings around us. It’s a day that we mark out once a year.  In Bali, this ritual of gratitude is a daily occurrence.

When I traveled there for a writing assignment in September, I was delighted to see that a woman or man would go around the hotel and leave small dishes of woven grass or banana leaf filled with beautiful flowers and a small amount of rice at temples and thresholds. These offerings, along with prayers and incense were made everyday as ways to say thank you to Nature. Shop owners and almost everyone made these offerings. To me it was such a beautiful and humble expression of our connectedness with life and a way to say “thank you” to nature and to the Divine Energy that is within and around all of us.

Imagine if everyday we would remember just for a moment to be thankful. When we go deep and really awaken to all the beauty and love around us life becomes rich and vibrant. Even difficult times become opportunities. What kind of ritual of gratitude would you like to create to celebrate the gifts of your life?  I like lunch time pauses as a time to say “thank you.” It only takes a moment.

A favorite quote: It has been bittersweet times as the joy of the release of my book “Awake in the World” happened at the same time as a personal loss. A friend sent me this quote that got a chuckled from me because it’s so true! Hope you like it too.

“When one door closes, another one opens. But being in the hallway is hell.”


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