Tips for Cultivating an Intuitive Mind

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Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, believed it was important to make conscious decision and evolve consciously. In “Anatomy of Reality: Merging of Intuition and Reason,” he wrote, “”A new way of thinking is now needed to deal with our present reality,  which is sensed more sensitively through intuition than by our capacity to observe and reason objectively.” Much of the time we react to situations without paying attention to our intuitive insights. Learning to respect the subtle information we receive and respond to situations in balance with reason can change the quality of our responses. Here are some tips to open up to intuition and begin to listen:

1) “Intuition must be allowed free rein and to play,” Salk wrote. Play is one of the best ways to invite in intuitive insights. It gives way to imagination and takes away the fetters of the analytical mind which tends to inhibit and stifle creative impulses.

2)Pay attention to inner music: If a song is running through your head, write down the words. What might they be telling you about your life and how you feel right now?

3) Intuitive insights come when we make space for them. This requires moments of quiet and being receptive and open. For some people this is quiet space comes to them while cooking, fishing, walking in nature or in a sacred space like a meditation room or a temple. Where do you feel most open to your higher self?

The subtle images and impressions of the intuition come in images too. Note what images may pop in for you today. Do you resonate with a greeting card, an image on a billboard or an animal you see during the day? What qualities does it have? What may it be trying to communicate to you?







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