2011 Centering Practice for the New Year

Sahasrara chakra
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As technology progresses and we become accessible 24/7, it becomes harder to stay focused on the essential and meaningful. Learning to remain centered is an essential tool to use as media becomes savvier at how to get our attention, and colleagues, friends and relatives pull us in different directions. Through ups and downs and the many changes we’ll experience over the coming months, staying focused on the wisdom heart and acting from this inner place is a way to promote harmony within and without. This may mean that we may not do what others expect, but when actions originate at the heart of wisdom, they will be good. A centering practice is often hardest to do and remember in stressful situations. But taking a step back and inward before jumping into the action will offer an opportunity to move in harmony with your divine Self.

My personal centering practice starts with regular meditation every night. Here I can check in and see how I feel, listen to what’s going on inside and move deeper into the place of unruffled quiet. If I anticipate challenging people or situations in the coming days, I take note and pray for guidance and help during this time. I also visualize light coming into me and the people and scenes. In the morning I check in with dreams to see if there is any practical guidance. Very often dreams reveal hidden feelings and anticipate scenarios or give guidance about projects. Paying attention to them gives me an opportunity to act consciously and from a place of deep inspiration. My biggest regrets during the day are often speaking when it would be better to promote understanding through heart-opening silence. When I feel too small or not loving enough to cope with the challenges I pray for the Divine to love through me.

When we manage to stay heart-focused we give others the possibility to do the same. It’s not an easy practice, but it is rewarding. What keeps you centered?


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