How to Be Heard and Get What You Want Most of the Time

Book Review of Turn Your Face: How to Be Heard and Get What You Want Most of the Time by author, Barbara Linney

gives you joy, find a way to do it," writes Barbara Linney, author of Turn Your Face.  This no-nonsense
book is packed with good references and straight forward advice on how
to live a good life. It touches on ways to communicate, set goals, tap
creativity and be productive – and in short how to live a life that
results in a deeper spiritual connection and more joy. 

title came straight from her daughter’s mouth when, as a two year old,
she tugged at Barbara’s skirts and insisted she listen.  "Mommy, turn
your face," she said.  Her daughter knew that if mom didn’t stop and
look at her she was not being heard in the way she wanted.  Barbara
writes, "Her request was the beginning of teaching me what I need to
Her parenting and professional activities form the
core of this work, but rather than being self-indulgent, it offers
perspectives that can contribute to understanding our own frustrations
and pleasures.  The chapter titles sum up the wisdom  – Write What You
Know; Choose What Restores Your Energy, and Dance When You Can are a few
that highlight the themes.  "Those are the things that taught me to be
happy when times are good and helped me to cope better when they’re
not.," she says. Her clarity in writing offers some "ah-ha" moments as
well as good reminders to keep most any soul on track. Despite
hesitations about how her family might perceive her revelations, the
book garnered support from her husband and contributed to deeper
connections with both her adult son and daughter who helped with
editing, designing, proofreading and getting the message out about the
new release. 

"For two years I have talked to people about
publishing," writes Barbara. "I decided I could spend the next five
years getting no’s or I could
publish it myself."  Barbara chose self-publishing as a way to share
her life experiences.  She aims to use her self-help book as a basis
for teaching workshops.  Review by: DML


Linney wrote her first book over a 12 year period between travels as
Vice President of Career Development for the American College of Physician
Executives.  She has taught programs at Harvard, Stanford and the Mayo
Clinic.  The chapter tittles came to her while journaling on a plane.  Read more about Barbara here:


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