Putting the Heart in Courage: Love Means Taking Risks

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people scurry to buy red gifts and cards to
express a sense of love and passion.  The
heart, related to passion and sex, was once considered the seat of wisdom in
ancient cultures.  To speak of the
heart’s longings meant to be moved by the soul rather than sex.  Moving with the soul’s desire requires
courage.  At the core of the word courage
is the root cuore or heart.  Having courage means to take heart, to take
to heart and to act on the soul’s deepest desires. 

            Sometimes it’s difficult to
distinguish between the soul’s desires and the demands of the head, ego, your
aunt’s voice from the past and all of the other voices that rattle around
inside.  Physical desires often seem to
overpower the more subtle, wiser whisperings of the soul.  Yet, if we make the efforts to stop, turn
inward and listen, we can know the difference and make a conscious choice.  How many times has the heart whispered, “That
person isn’t right for you?” and going against it, we find that the heart knew
all along what the head refused to hear and accept? 

            The subtle plays between
the heart and head make it challenging to know which path to follow because the
head often wants its own way and acts, unconscious of the heart.  The head screams for attention, while the
heart speaks softly.  The head demands to
have its way, while the heart waits until we’re willing to listen to show us
what we need and where to go.  With time
the armor built up around the defensive heart falls and it opens to the world in
a new way bringing softness and sweetness.   

Practice listening to the heart this St.
Valentine’s Day.  Make time to notice
what’s going on inside.  Check in below
the surface chatter of the mind and begin to unify the movement of your heart
and the soul yearnings and bring them into your life in a more active and
present way.  If your heart tells you to
call your mother, do it.  If your heart
whispers that it’s time to get creative and get back to playing music,
knitting, drawing, doing collage, making jewelry, getting out in nature or
whatever, do it.  It may push you to take
risks and connect with someone or something new.  Trust it.

Acting on heart callings will bring gentle growth
and a greater sense of calm.  It will
move you into a place more of receiving and accepting than of forcing things to
be as you want.  The wisdom heart knows.  Use it and let yourself grow.

Copytirhg Debra Moffitt, Feb. 2010:  www.debramoffitt.com


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