Inspired Word: Writing for the Creative Soul

believe that community and global transformation arise from individual
transformation," says Carolyn Rivers, founder of the Sophia Institute
in Charleston, SC.  "Inner work leads to outer action."  Rivers is the
inspiration and heart behind
the Institutes’ role in fostering the development of the feminine
consciousness.  In her 2010 program she
includes writing as a means of delving into self-exploration and
with the sacred feminine.  Together with the
Institute’s writer-in-residence, Sue Monk Kidd, Rivers determined the
theme for
this year’s writing program will be "Writing, Creativity and Soul." 

"Inspired Soul: Writing to
Discover the Secret
Garden," by Debra
Moffitt-Leslie will kick off the 2010 writing series.  This day long workshop held Jan. 15th,
will use the secret garden image to connect writers with the intuitive language
of symbols as they write, draw and work in small groups.  Rituals and an exploration of symbols in
literature will illustrate how images can enrich writing and life. 
Nathalie Goldberg who approaches writing with a Zen-Buddhist twist will
present a workshop in May.  During Goldberg’s visit to the Institute in
January 2009, Goldberg said that so many people are attracted to
because, "they want to know their own minds." 
Her sessions drew participants from across the country.  She inspired
writers to get in touch with the
"wild mind" and write without editing. 
Her prompts included, "The first time I fell in love…" and other
related images like, "my mother’s hands." 
In the 2010 program Goldberg will address, "For the Love of Writing"
use meditation, slow walking and lots of writing prompts to get to the
essence of writing life.
authors on the year long program will include Mary Alice Monroe, a New York Times
bestselling author on "Inspired Nature: Writing on Environment," bestselling
novelist, Anne Rivers Siddons on "Inspired Human Nature: The Heart of Southern
Spirit and Culture," and Stephanie Hunt on "Writing Raw: What revealing has to
do with revelation and how to write about your family without being disowned."
Sophia Institute is one of those rare places that fosters the wisdom heart and
allows the sacred to take root and blossom. 
In addition to the writing program it offers an array of workshops from
Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Joan Borysenko, Sue Monk Kidd and more.  For more information see:
Copyright: Debra Moffitt-Leslie, Jan. 2010.


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