Writing Resolutions for 2010

learned through comparing notes with my author/husband, Mike, that if I don’t
put down an idea of what I want to achieve in writing in the New Year, the days
slip by with little movement towards my goals. 
Each year end we settle in and compare notes on what we completed and
what we plan to do for the year ahead. 
Mike aims to write a new rough draft novel each year and finalize a
novel in progress.  By doing this he has
three books on the shelf along with two collections of short stories. 

My method is more intuitive.  I declare my writing goals – and then I
temper and modify them during the year according to dream guidance and
reflections that arise.  It’s a gentle
process of readjusting to conditions and timetables including freelance work.  But everyday we both stick to a regular
discipline of four hours of writing in the morning and an additional two or
three in the afternoon.  The schedule
conquers any ideas the mind may entertain that there will be other
options.  It makes us sit down and write
even when the mind resists. 

As full time writers we’ve both
noticed that the mind goes through ups and downs about the projects we’re
working on.  One week the writing mind
will feel elated about the text and think we’re geniuses.  Then it goes through periods of despair.  “I’ll never get this done,” or “I’ll never
get published,” seem to be regular laments during these low periods.  In comparing notes, we’ve both learned an
important practice – write through
Get past the lamenting and the
moments of self-declared genius and get on with it.  The quality of writing tends to be fairly
equal during both of these periods of highs and lows.  By writing through it the words get on the
page and your body of work and experience as a writer will grow.  You’ll have something to come back to and
rewrite later. 

Of course it’s good to play too
and to know yourself well enough to discover when absolutely nothing will come
out of the well.  On those rare occasions
it’s vital to get out, walk, go to a café and maybe try a new drink.  If you write on the PC, take a notebook and
try writing by hand.  Very often new
inspiration will grow out of these moments of changed routine and rhythm.  Writing is a wonderful path to self-discovery
and inner exploration.  May the New Year
be filled with many delightful words and projects for you to explore.    Copyright Debra Moffitt-Leslie, 2010.  http://www.debramoffitt.com


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