Simple Gifts: Green Guru’s Three Tips for Eco Friendly Giving

When it comes to gift giving, keeping the holiday season
green requires thinking of the long term effects and taking a broader
perspective.  Green guru, Danny Seo
suggests that making the holiday season eco-friendly starts with thinking ahead
and avoiding last minute air delivery of packages, excessive gift wrapping and
the potential of returned gifts.  All of
these seemingly small gestures add up for the environment. This Christmas try a simple approach to giving.  Here are a few tips from eco-expert, Danny

1)      Offer
gift cards.  Many people waste energy by returning
unwanted gifts the day after Christmas. 
Conserve energy and gift wrapping by giving gift cards to your friends’
and family’s favorite shops.  Gift
wrapping contributes to making the day after Christmas the biggest trash day of
the year. Combined with attractive gift card tins and boxes, the cards reduce
waste related to gift wrapping and will avoid the environmentally costly day-after
travels to the store for exchanges.

2)       Choose quality over quantity.  “The mantra for me even as a child and through
my books and TV shows is always to choose quality over quantity,” Seo
says.  “For adults I would rather give or
get one fabulous gift rather than a bunch of piecemeal gifts.”  Kids tend to keep count more so this is more
challenging for them, he says.  But it’s
a good rule to follow for the adults on your shopping list.

3)      Give
eco-friendly gadgets like LED lights in innovate forms.  LED (light emitting diodes) lights use
technology to save energy.  Instead of
heating up they remain cool and long lasting.  Some may endure 15 to 20 years.  They cut electricity usage and look
attractive and fashionable.  UBS
technology, like the coffee thermos that plugs into a computer’s UBS port to
keep liquids warm also appeals to techno-gadget lovers.

Finally, Seo suggests that
shoppers give gifts to share.  Last year
he gave his staff organic wines and champagne. 
“They said it was really great for holiday entertaining,” he says.  Offering organic foods and wines serves up
another way to contribute to a healthy environment.


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