Creative Dreaming

Many inventions and works of
art grew out of dreams.  Elias Howe struggled to develop the modern
sewing machine.  He saw the solution in a symbolic dream and knew
immediately on waking he knew the answer.  Stephen King’s novel Misery
appeared to him in a dream during a transatlantic flight.  Beethoven,
William Butler Yeats and Mary Shelley of Frankenstein fame all tapped
into their dreams as a creative source of wisdom and inspiration.  Many
authors, inventors, musicians and spiritual teachers use dreams and
encourage us to use them to ignite our creative spark and learn about
the psyche. 

Dreams can transform us.  They open doors to weaving together our
inner life with our outer world.  When we pay attention to them, they
can communicate messages from the soul, help us to grow, spark our
creativity and bring about transformation.  I’ve spoken in workshops
about My House of Dreams where the house in my dreams
reflected my inner state of being.  It shifted and went through
renovation as I went through a spiritual transformation.  Learning to
work with dreams in a practical way can open the doors for writers,
artists, mothers, students and business women and men to discover inner
powers and encourage Self-confidence. 


Opening the door to the dream world is nothing new.  In Delphi the
Oracles used dreams and visions to fortell the future.  Egyptians used
dreams in ancient times and the Bible, the Koran and the Kabbalah
all tell stories of how dreams disturbed rulers and foreshadowed events
or presented warnings and good omens.  Today dreams continue to open
the door to the future, help us to understand the past and they offer
warnings or foretell good things.  All we have to do is learn how to
access them. 

Dreams provide an enormous creative source of
information that can help us serve and help others.  How can they
help?  Here’s a quick hint.  Before going to bed focus your mind and
read your work or contemplate an issue that you’re looking to resolve. 
Imagine yourself surrounded in golden light.  Feel gratitude for the
life you live and ask the Creative Source to help you find the
answer.  Keep a notebook and pen by the bed and write down what you
dream first thing on waking. 


My dream workshop in Charlotte, NC on July 9th and 10th
will explore how to recall dreams, how to work with the symbols and
scenes they give us and how to honor the messages they offer.  I’ve
been working with dreams for 15 years and continue to pay attention. 
I’d love to hear about your dream experiences too.

Copyright Debra Moffitt-Leslie, July 2009.


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