The Pain of Writing

The week before Christmas I had two deadlines.  My wrists and hands began to ache and burn.  Each keystroke sent a burning sensation shooting up my arms.  Friends said I must be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.  For a writer this sounds like a death sentence.  I finished the work for Architecture Week and the essay for the anthology, All Out of Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality, strapped braces to both of my wrists and started to research my options.  


I can’t imagine not writing.  And so I have begun experimenting with voice recognition technology.  But the process is very different.  Writing for me takes place in silence.  The energy of thought passes through my hands without producing physical sound.  The thoughts and words arrive so quickly that they require little effort.  For this journal entry I am instead speaking aloud and patiently waiting for the words to appear on the screen.  I feel somewhat like a child learning to write all over again.  I know very little about this problem of carpal tunnel and plan to see a doctor and welcome input from anyone who has had a similar experience.

Copyright:  Debra Moffitt, 2008.


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