High Flying in McClellanville

A friend took me to the art opening of Mary Edna Fraser’s latest silk batik.   Using aerial photos that Mary Edna shot from a family plane, she reproduces spectacular images of Carolina’s coasts, icebergs, and my favorite included a shot of Europe with Italy’s famous boot, visible from the soul-blue of outer space.  (She used NASA photos for this one not her own shot).  She’s exhibited her work at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. and says she’s been flying with her father since she was two weeks old.  The colors of her palette express the softness of the Carolina coast light.   Her eyes sparkled deep blue.  Just one look in those eyes brings an overwhelming sense of peering into the heart of mother earth.  


“I dreamed I was wearing turquoise blue bell bottom pants,” she said during her opening.  In the dream she towered above the world and walked from place to place; from her aerial vista she reassured everyone that all would be well despite the panic and world weariness of the recent stock market madness, worry about economy, climate change and fear.  Mary Edna’s work intends to draw attention to the impact of human interaction on the global environment, but she does it in a way that uplifts and feeds the psyche with beauty. 


If all artists could use this higher perspective to serve, then the world would be a better place.  When art comes from the heart, it inspires good thoughts.  The word "inspire" is derived from Latin and means to infuse with spirit.  There’s a demand for art made from the heart, even though most of us are not aware that we hunger for it, it fulfils a deep yearning and nourishes the soul. 


I bought Mary Edna’s print of the edge of the earth looking down at Europe.  It sits next to the altar in my office as a reminder to keep a higher perspective on my work and life.   Thank you Mary Edna for reminding me to keep an eagle’s eye view of life while sometimes dipping down to earth to make contact.

Copyright:  Debra Moffitt, 2008.  www.debramoffitt.com


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