Trying to Pump Life into a Dead Form – or Listen to Inner Guidance

I’m winding down to the end of my book and thought it might be good to check in with a fellow writer for some advice.  The woman I called has several books to her credit and is also considered an "intuitive."  Her work on dreams and intuition appears on the bookshelves at Barnes and Noble or Borders book stores.  She hadn’t read any of my book.
"What do you think of my title and the images?" I asked. 
"Not quite a right hit," she replied.   "Use the theme of the fiction book you’ve planned for this book instead.  It’ll be better for the publishing world." 
"Oh," I said reflecting.  "You may be right."  She went on about her feelings about my work – how the book was essentially good, but needed a different take or gimmick to get through the slush pile of manuscripts in agents’ and publishers’ offices.
"I work with my dreams and inner images for guidance," I said.  But at first I took her reflections to heart.  Maybe she was right.  Maybe I needed to change it and go back to the drawing board.  
The next morning I dreamed of her.  We rode a train together.  She looked gaunt, haggard and not filled with good energy.  She placed her finger by her nose and showed me that it was coming off.  I got up and returned to my previous place without taking her advice.  And this is exactly what I did when I got out of bed.  I realized her intuition or nose was not "on" quite right and discarded her ideas and went back to following my inner guidance about the right direction to take. 
This morning another dream greeted me.  I’d been examining the structure of some best selling non-fiction books with hopes of getting some inspiration.  In my dream, I stood in a fancy room before an upholstered bench.  On it lay a small dead body that seemed like David Bowie, an out of fashion entertainer.  Others around also had bodies and we were supposed to dress them up in new clothes.  I looked at this stiff structure before me shrugged my shoulders and left.  I refused to work with something that no longer had any life in it. 
In the next scene, I am walking in a stone mountain stream and the pristine, clear waters bubble down.  I climb up to a new height and when I look down I’m wearing my loafers.  I feel a tremendous sense of peace, contentment and joy as the waters flow and gush over the rocks. 
In this dream, the lifeless body meant the old structure of best sellers wouldn’t work for me – and is a dying form.  The place I returned to in nature was one of beauty, truth and goodness.  It emanated a deep sense of peace and bliss.  I knew it was about work because I wear the loafers only in my office when I work – not outdoors. 
So my inner wisdom reminds me to always rely on and place more value on my inner guidance than on what another author or individual might say.  When those connections to the inner sacred place are honed and polished so they become light, they are the best rays to use to find the way.
copyright – Debra Moffitt,

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