Dreams and Symbols: Women Fix the Broken Machine

In the spring I dreamed of a huge machine that reached from the ground up a mountain side.  It reached as far into the sky as I could see.  This production machine was broken from top to bottom with oil dripping from it.  I understood when I awoke that this was the economy.  A round middle aged man wearing a suit in the dream image looked totally puzzled.  He held his hands open palm up and shrugged his shoulders.  Oil dripped from the machine – black energy.  Was it greed?  Excessive desires for things?  Behind the scenes a group of women dressed in suits worked quietly to find the solutions.   I told my husband and suggested he sell his stocks.  He thought I was crazy.  Now he’s wondering how I knew.


A few weeks ago I overheard President Bush on TV and turned in surprise as he spoke of our “broken financial system.”  The image of the machine popped into mind again.  I imagined the dream women who symbolized the feminine forces of intuition, compassion, wisdom and harmony with nature who are working to balance out the wildly male, rational, aggressive attitudes we’ve espoused.  


We’ve been out of balance, fragmented doers.  Most of us do not take time to be, to sit quietly and pay attention to what we can do to restore equilibrium.   The work and change begins within us; we must cross the threshold to our inner secret garden and cultivate it to a state of harmony first.  Joseph Campbell refers to this inner place as sacred space – “a place where we find ourselves again and again.”


On the French Riviera I learned to dive.  At first I feared what I could not see below the Mediterranean Sea and then once I became accustomed to the deep blue, the rocky red underwater terrain, the girelles – those green, white and orange finger-sized fish darting about at three feet below the surface, I couldn’t stay away.  I made a regular schedule to include diving every week even during the chilly winter.   


Making room for sacred space, allowing for a piece of time to listen and be with your better Self, or what Abraham Lincoln called your “better angel,” provides a space to reenergize, to see obstacles and overcome them, and a place to simply be and listen away from the churning waves of the surface.  Even on days when the red and white diving boat near Theoule-sur-Mer bobbed like a fish lure on the surface, beneath the sea, the currents were subdued and I would not feel the storms above.  This is the appeal and the peace of sacred space.  Once you connect with it regardless of where you go or what happens around you, you can stay aware of the calm at the core of you.


This week it seems will be an easy week, but the machine is still broken and we will have more tough times to come.  For writers and dreamers, keeping that daily appointment with your secret garden will be key to getting you through the challenges and helping you to know what to do next.  Listen and write it down.  Dreams and flashes of intuition can reveal glimpses of the solutions we need.

copyright: Debra Moffitt, 2008     www.debramoffitt.com



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