Promote Fear Free Environments

Intuitive, Penny Pierce writes, “Communication that comes from fear only creates more fear.  It’s a waste of breath.”  The media’s focus on disaster – whether natural, manmade or economic – sows more anxiety.  Papers, TV and Internet have been doing this for awhile now.  Perhaps it gets a bigger audience and more advertising.  Whatever the ulterior motives, the result is not constructive or helpful. 


One Chinese curse was, “may you live in interesting times.”  We’re in those times now and instead of facing them with fear and thinking of it as a curse, we can embrace them as an opportunity to learn and grow.  The pace of change is so rapid and our world has become so complex, we can only begin to understand and cope with it by perceiving at light speed.  This, Caroline Myss says, is the speed at which the soul functions.  It transcends reason and we know the answers before we may be able to reason them through.  In the case of Albert Einstein, he received his insight and understanding about the theory of relativity in a flash, but it took him ten years to explain it in words.


Fear clouds up the system and causes pain, anxiety and illness.  Fear can tell us when to fight or flee and be useful in protecting us from harm from predators (this is at the instinctual, animal level), but it can also cloud the mind, block communication and create reactions that harm ourselves and others.   

 The antidote to fear is love.  Writing with the energy of love can serve and help to promote understanding rather than create division and confusion.  Fear pollutes.  Promote a fear free environment where you work, live, write and play.  A good mantra to remember is "I am love."  Watch how the places and people change.     

Copyright: Debra Moffitt 2008


One comment

  1. Good words to read.  Good words to live with.
    Buddhists might offer another helpful bit of mindful wisdom in this regard.  All events are temporal; they come, dwell, and pass away.  Not so much "This too shall pass."  More like "This too is passing."
    Good to ride the turbulent tides with love in the heart.

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