Write Towards the Light

On my trips to India, an Indian wise man taught me that everything in life is reflection, reaction and resound.  Whatever we perceive around us, is a reflection of what is inside.  He reminded me over and over to “look for the good.”  Don’t criticize.  Try to understand, and he repeated, “look for the good.”  Human nature tends towards the base.  Almost every driver instinctively slows down to look at a car accident.  We love the dark drama.  But it’s important to train the mind to reach up and look for what’s good, beautiful, right and true.  The deepest essence of human nature reflects the powers of divinity and the beauty of the human spirit.  If we learn to be grateful for the things around us instead of yearn and mourn for all that we don’t have, then contentment will take the place of discontent.  It’s not easy.  It requires conscious, regular effort to train the mind.  But this is a daily practice to instill thankfulness and satisfaction.  It’s especially important during times when the world around wants to convince us that all is falling apart and that people are bad.  It’s the only way to get off the mental rollercoaster and be happy.


We feed and nourish our minds on what we consume – magazines, TV, radio, music, films, friends, thoughts.  We can consciously feed it with goodness rather than search for faults, ugliness and violence.


As a writing practice I make gratitude lists of the things I appreciate – a new writing desk, the stars shining at five a.m., the great blue herons, my husband’s sweet eyes.  If you have problems working with someone or relating to family, make a note of what good you see in them.  Don’t cheat.  There is always something to appreciate, value and love.  If you lack confidence, list your good and loveable qualities.  It’s a small writing practice, but it works to lift spirits and train the mind to move in a direction that is positive and constructive.  This is my challenge to you this week.  

Copyright: Debra Moffitt 2008


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