Finding Four Leaf Clovers


Finding Four Leaf Clovers


In childhood I developed the ability of finding four leaf clovers.  Out of boredom I sat with my sister and neighbor under the giant oak tree and stared at the lawn.  Together we found tens and hundreds of these genetic anomalies, plucked them and pressed them in books.  I developed a great skill of selective perception. 


On the walks to the waterfall in this little mountain village and along the river I glance down and find more four leaf clovers to add to the collection.  Sometimes I put them in letters and post them.  For many people the clovers symbolize good luck or a good omen.  But for me they’re a reminder to look for the good among all of the rest.  Often as writers we focus on the ugliest or the most extreme and dramatic to attract attention to our work.  Singling out the worst is a bad habit of the untrained mind.  In spiritual practice, we do the opposite and focus on and draw out the best in others.  It may seem harder, but is it really?  Or is it simply a question of changing habit? 


For a writer, this focus on the uplifting and the elevating takes on great importance.  With the media mostly focused on the negative and horrible, we’re called on to go deeper and look into the light at the core of those around, not to ignore the overall picture, but to find balance.

Copyright: Debra Moffitt, 2008



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    I\’m Denis. I just read one of your interwiews to Mario Botta. It was so great and congratulations for your fantastic histories and your profesional job.  
    I add you like a friend. I hope you don\’t get angry.

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