Swiss TV Calls

For over a week TS1 – Tele Svizzera Italiana – the regional TV company has been courting us for an interview.  Someone in Sonogno, this little village where we live, must have told them about the “Americani” writers who spend long days inside and then escape to the mountain paths for reflection and quiet.    


TSI called three times asking all of our personal details, what we might say about the village and the country.  They wanted to know where we came from, how we found this spot and what we’re writing about Switzerland.   


Mike and I discussed it.  Both of us prefer to be – like most writers – observers and not the observed.  We like to stay in the shadows and enjoy the show.  Besides, I’m usually the one asking for interviews from architects and writers.  But we felt an obligation to put in a good word for the people in Sonogno.   


TSI scheduled to come on Friday, August 1st, the Swiss national holiday, but another story came up.  They rescheduled to come to our house today at 11:00.  Just as we started to clean and shower, the reporter called.  He wanted more information.   He needed to talk to his bosses.  He didn’t make the decisions directly.  He’d get back to me in ten minutes.


I finished a short story and continued to clean.  Ten minutes later he called.  “They’ve got another story.  Sorry we won’t make it today.  When are you leaving?”  he said apologetically.  The man spoke as if he announced a funeral.  As if he thought we might be devastated.   

“So what’s the news?” Mike said when he walked in from taking out the trash.  


“We’re free!” I announced.  We’d been worrying over our Italian. 


“Yes!” he yelped. 


We danced around the house happily freed of duty.  While some people might cultivate publicity and seek attention, we’re quite content to remain out of view.      Now we’re off to Ascona to celebrate our free day over yellow curry.    

Copyright: Debra Moffitt, 2008



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