Thoughts Fragrant like Jasmine

In Muralto today, not far from the lake, I walked a path of jasmine.  Little white flowers spread out underfoot for half a block and I moved ahead in a thick cloud of sweet, rich fragrance.  Above my head white cumulus clouds of jasmine billowed over a stone wall.  I breathed in deeply and enjoyed each deep breath.  Walking through heaven must feel like this – light, sweet, uplifting.  Who could be depressed or irritated while encircled by such a beautiful scent?    


Yesterday I interviewed bestselling author and medical intuitive, Caroline Myss.  She said if you choose to live your life from a spiritual perspective that absolutely everything you do, think and say matters.  Our moods, our choices about food, about forgiveness, everything.  Absolutely everything.


For a writer, this is an intimidating prospect.  Not only are words powerful, they also carry with them our deeper motives and sentiments.  The reader will pick up the fragrance of the writer’s spirit and be uplifted, frustrated or irritated, depending on the subtle influence of her state of mind and spirit. 


Several years ago I dreamed that my novel in progress contained poisons – cynical, mean sentiments that would infect others.  I wondered about the possibility of cleaning it up, washing out the subtle low sentiments floating behind the ideas, but found it impossible.  I’d worked on the novel for two years, but gave it an appropriate burial. 


Words contain power, and the emotions and spirit of the writer penning them conveys a broader composition, much like a piece of music might.  Writing transmits a feeling and can have a profound subtle impact on others.  We sense it when we put down a book and its mood follows us throughout the day or night.  Films, which combine words with light images, hold an even more powerful influence over the psyche. 

Copyright: Debra Moffitt, 2008



If my state of being is quiet, content and peaceful when I write, then the reader will pick up the subtle scent like a fragrance.  Perhaps she too will be inspired to be more peaceful and content.  Though the feelings are invisible and subtle, they have the power to shape our worlds, both inner and outer.  When news journalists focus on the negative and provoke stress and drama through their portrayals this influences the world at large, making it more stressful, dramatic and negative.  While it may be necessary to reveal the darker side of life and its problems, is it possible to show and tell the truth in a way that does not harm?  Is it possible to draw out the good and focus on solutions?    


Let your words and your state of being communicate in the subtle beauty of flowers that speak in the sweet silence of fragrance.                   


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