Return to Europe

In five days I need to be packed and ready to go.  It’s been seven and a half months since I left my beloved Europa and I’m yearning to put on my hiking boots and head back into the Swiss Alps.  Traveling light is a wonderful feeling.  I used to have nightmares about journeys with too much baggage.  Baggage was a metaphor for all of the mental preoccupations I was carrying around.  In the Alps I pare everything down to the bare minimum and live very simply.  The house has no Internet connection and probably will not have a TV.  My cell phone will work according to the fickle reception in the mountains.   At the end of the Val Verzasca in a little village called Sonogno; our rental house sits near the river.  During the middle ages at the time of the plague this Swiss-Italian valley was closed off to visitors from the rest of the world to protect inhabitants.  Even today it remains remote.  With its pristine blue rivers, crashing waterfalls, bare granite cliffs and clear skies it feels like a little protected refuge to nurture my soul.  I’m looking forward to seeing the gentle Swiss milk cows, the mountain fields dotted with orchids and blueberries, and to feeling the silence.  The silence is what I yearn for most of all.  God is present in the silence and the beauty.  
Copyright: Debra Moffitt, 2008

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